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The oil industry is the cornerstone of the modern economy. It is the force multiplier which affects every single facet of our lives. It is so important the world is continuously hungry for its news.

Its activities are often shrouded in apparent secrecy and clouded in myth. Analysis of its market has been made more difficult by sensationalism. For many, oil will either run out tomorrow or be irretrievably over-supplied.

To cut through the smoke and mirrors and provide you with a clear picture of how oil powers our world, Magma Oil is an oil trading consultancy which specialises in:

1- Physical trading
2- Paper Trading
3- Hedging & Price management
4- Risk Management
5- Market and Activity Analysis

We are based in Geneva, Switzerland one of the leading cities for oil trading, where we have immediate access to a variety of counterparties and resources.
View of Geneva and the Jet d'Eau
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